States Of Consciousness

Waking Consciousness

  • Consciousness is when we are aware of ourselves and the environment around us. It helps us know what is going on and how to plan out information. It is was helps us focus on certain tasks that we do daily through out our day.
  • We are able to voluntarily communicate to others without actually knowing what were doing.
  • Daydreams and fantasies are part of waking consciousness. Research has actually shown that young men actually spend more time day dreaming and have more sexual fantasies than older men.
  • Daydreaming usually had to do with things going on around in our lives and it can also help us for future events. In children, daydreaming helps with cognitive development and for impulse behavior.
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Sleep & Dreams

  • Although hypnosis was historically linked with quackery, it has more recently bechypnosis_downloads.jpgome the subject of serious research.
  • Psychologist now agree that hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility to which people are subject in varying degrees, and that, although hypnotic procedures may help someone to recall past events, the hypnotists’ beliefs frequently work their way into the subject’s recollection. external image moz-screenshot.jpg
  • They also agreed that hypnotized people can no more be made to act against their will than can unhypnotized people.
  • Hypnosis can be at least temporarily therapeutic, and hypontizable people can enjoy significant pain relief.

Drugs & Consciousness